Red Kry

Red Kryptonite,Clark's trigger for Kal

Red Kryptonite is a mineral from Krypton just as Green Kryptonite.It is not fatal to Kryptonian but can indirectly make the kryptonians a danger to others.
Smallville red kryptonite clark

Smallville red kryptonite clark

It is ussualy reffered to as Red K.

Effects on KryptoniansEdit

If a Kryptonian is exposed to Red Kryptonite they will lose their inhibitions and social consience acting purely on their deepest desires.Clark when exposed reffers to himself as Kal.This effect worsens on the amount of time exposed,but it wears off immediatly after removing contact.

Effects on HumansEdit

The effects on humans are extremely weak compared to the effects on Kryptonians.If a human is exposed to Rek K they fall in love with the first man/women they fall in love.