Oliver Queen is a returning character from the show, who was a regular for multiple seasons. He is married to Chloe Sullivan-Queen.In the TV series Smallville he was portrayed by Justin Hartley who also portrayed Aquaman.


Justin Hartley as Oliver Queen/Green Arrow on Smallville

On the TV SeriesEdit

In the ComicsEdit

Guardian: Part 1

Oliver appears in the beginning of chapter one with his wife Chloe at the Watchtower saying that he had a long night that he needed to rest but before that he wanted to see Clark.

Guardian: Part 2

Guardian: Part 3

Guardian: Part 4

Detective: Part 1

Oliver at the beginning is seen only in a flashback of the events of the Guardian.

Detective: Part 2

Lantern: Part 1


  • Green Bow
  • Green Croossbow
  • Normal Arrows


  • "Boyscount knows what he's doing. I want the bat." - Detective: Part 2
  • "If you weren't my wife-- I'd marry you all over again." - Detective: Part 2
  • "Yes. I mean, 'not exclusively,' no. But don't think I didn't try buying the color." - Lantern: Part 1