Talking to Tess

Lex Luthor is the main antagonist of Smallville. He used to be friends with Clark Kent, but things have changed in the recent years.

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Guardian: Part 1

Guardian: Part 2

Guardian: Part 3

Guardian: Part 4

Detective: Part 1

Lex first appears at his office whree he had fallen asleep by tracking Superman's movements all the night.Otis wakes him up and tells him that this game that he is playing with Superman is starting to take it's toll and that he is very worried about him. Lex tells him that his concern it's not entrirely unappreciated and he should mind his own bussiness. Some time later Lex with Otis are having a lunch with Bruce Wayne and his assistant Barbara Gordon of the Wayne Tech. Lex and Bruce discuss about many and different things, that Thomas Wayne opted out of joining the Veritas a organisation which his father Lionel Luthor founded so as to find the Traveler, the Guardian incident and Lex metions his sister Tess and Lionel of Earth-2 in some point, telling he is still rebuilding LexCorp from the damage they both did when they ran the company. Their discussion is interrupted by Superman who says to Lex that the criminal that he caught today had Lex Corp techonology.


  • "Yes, Otis. That's how it works. I have a conversation with my invisible sister and then you barge in with an update." - Guardian: Part 3
  • "You've got nerve, Kent. I like that. That's about all I like, but something's better than nothing." - Alien: Part 3