Kal is Clark's alter-ego when he is exposed to Red Kryptonite.  


Kal isn't evil when it comes to it,he just lacks all of Clark's inhibitions and any social consience.According to someone "Kal does things [Clark] doesn't want to do.",but in reality he acts on his emotions his "primal instincts".Clark the longer exposed to red k the more he becomes unrationall agressive,basically his emotions get quicker on the surface.Red K also makes Clark(as Kal) do things he later regrets and has to explain to people who are unaware of his secret think he is on drugs.Kal swears alot and very quickly resorts to violence even when the situation doesn't call for it.Kal is just a manifestation of the inner Clark and his deepest desires.    

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

All of Clark's powers.
Smallville Best Fights clark vs jonathan

Smallville Best Fights clark vs jonathan

In the TV SeriesEdit

Kal has ben introduced 5 times in the series.

Season 2Edit

Clark's first encounter with Red K was in his sophomore year when he bought a red k ring against Johnathan's will.Martha and the others quickly noticed this and this became into x-raying Chloe and Lana,mouthing off to his parent,buying expensive things and finally running away,Pete and Johnathan overpowered him with green kryptonite and smashed his ring with a sledgehammer.

Season 3Edit

Clark after Martha's miscarriage went to numb the guilt and took a red k ring,he went to Metropolis and commited crimes for 3 months when Johnathan decided it was enough and said to Martha "I'm gonna get our son back".Johnathan defeated Kal by gaining Kryptonian powers from Jor-El.

Season 4Edit

Alicia Baker a girl with the power to teleport was (still) obssesed with Clark and made him a red k necklace,this went far enough to getting Kal and Alicia married.

Season 6 and 9Edit

In season 6 Lois exposed Clark to red k through her lipstick and they crashed Lex and Lana's egagement party.Martha finally exposed him to green k to reverse it.

In season 9

Clark was exposed to Red K gas while going on hero patrol.This caused the team-up of Clark and Zod.