Chloe Sullivan (Earth-2) 2

Chloe Sullivan (Earth-2) is the Earth-2 counterpart of Chloe Sullivan-Queen and cousin of the widow, Lois Queen.

On the TV ShowEdit

In the ComicsEdit

Guardian: Part 3

Chloe appeared at the end of this issue when something went wrong with Hank Henshaw's mission, wearing a weird suit.

Guardian: Part 4

Chloe and Oliver of Earth-1 investigated the crash, and found Chloe. She passed on the news that Earth-2 was gone and that the crisis was coming, but during a fight with Oliver and Chloe, where she is shot by her counterpart, she is badly wounded by the one who destroyed Earth-2, before she could tell them anything more. Chloe later died from the gunshot wounds after she was taken to the Smallville Medical Center.

Detective: Part 2

She is mentioned by her Earth-1 counterpart while Chloe is talking with Oliver about her tragic death and her murderer.