Bruno Manheim Season 11 001
Bruno "Ugly" Mannheim

Bruno Mannheim is the head of the criminal organisation Intergang. He owned the Ace of Clubs before he was imprisoned.

On the TV SeriesEdit

In the ComicsEdit

Detective: Part 1Edit

At some point, Bruno Mannheim became the head of the Intergang and was imprisoned at Stryker's Island, who's acting like a raving lunatic while palming the Crime Bible, which he says was given to him by Gordon Godfrey. He then is interrogated by Batman because he wants to know the location of the Joe Chills safe house.

Detective: Part 2Edit

After the Batmans interrogate, Superman interrogated him as well, Due to the fact that Superman took him in the air to scare him, Mannheim told him about Joe Chill's involvement with the Intergang. Later Mannheim was put back into his cell.


"Like I told the Bat, I don't know anything about any of it!"



  • Bruno Mannheim appeared in the TV series episode "Stiletto" and was portrayed by the actor Dominic Zamprogna.