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Bruce Wayne is the billionaire owner and CEO of Wayne Tech who is also The Batman, a crime fighter in Gotham City who wants to avenge his parents death by hunting down their killer, Joe Chill. He will appear in the second digital/print comic Smallville Season 11 story Arc Detective. He returned in Effigy teaming-up with The Martain Manhunter.

In the ComicsEdit

Detective: Part 1

Detective: Part 2

Detective: Part 3

Detective: Part 4


Alien: Part 1

Alien: Part 2

Alien: Part 3

Alien: Part 4

Lantern: Part 1

Lantern: Part 2

Lantern: Part 3

Lantern: Part 4




  • Bruce's age is on par with Oliver and Lex.
  • Chloe at the episode Fortune of Season 10 metioned to Clark that on her travels, she met "A billionaire with high-tech toys". A clear refrence to Bruce.