Smallville clark saving chloe during football game

Smallville clark saving chloe during football game


Accelerated Perception also called Clark Time or Bullet Time is a ability that allow's Clark to percieve things in slow motion while moving at Super Speed.


Clark sees the world in slow motion or at a stand still.When Clark super speeds all the things he sees thats not super speed thats Clark Time.A super sonic colour follows the user.


Can move at speeds far beyond the sound barrier and can exceed the speed of light.

Kara is stronger and faster than Clark,In the TV Series she didn't have some abilities that Clark did but had flight before Clark.It's unknown how she would go against Jay Garrick,Bart Allen,Black Flash or other speedsters.

Bart can move at speeds faster than Clark,this was shown on many occasions especially in the TV Series,Smallville where Bart outruns Clark's top speed by light jogging(But Clark was 16) years old not nearly as fast as Superman

Black Flash is faster or as fast as Bart and the other speedsters meaning he is faster than Clark.